The idea behind this project was to create a brand which is changeable. What We Do is always living in the present and growing with the people who form it. A collective of freelancer from very different fields who communicate their work under one name. What We Do is... – that's what the ever changing logo claims, everybody can come up with their own ideas. The network should always be changing and growing. A multipurpose working-space is being planned where people can colliding in real life and conceptulize ideas face to face. I developed the concept with CI and CD composed the logo design, business cards, stamp and stickers. The pilot project was an eco fashion collection where photographer Maria Sturm, visual artist Arthur Diener, fashion designer Anna Liedke and music composer Nicolas Börger helped me to built up this idea. After a few weeks of work and travelling, we created a full collection with lookbook, an introductory video, and many new contacts to creative and interesting people. thanks for the good time to everybody involved.