The health food store Wasserburger Biomarkt opened its doors to their in-house eco textiles and clothes store KICHOU. In need of some sweet ideas to get the environmentally sustainable stuff to the peeps, I made some posters and displays to campaign for a good cause: shopping by using your wits. I'm still into the KICHOU world: I do the ordering for the shop and act like an advisor for the fashion selections. You can find several green labels in the store, such like "People Tree", "Living Crafts", "LANA", "Cotton People" (all of the stuff is GOTS-certificated). spread some good words for them. Considering that we are living in a digital era where economical aspects of the working process prevail and thoughts and images can be infinitely reproduced, I think, this is quite revolutionary. the handling of the balancing act between economic efficiency and my personal political and artistic demand