This is a fashion collection I made for an independent movie coming up in summer 13. My approach to materials like jeans, silk and leather is the base for the child-like and naive outfits that resulted from an intensive working process. Starting off as drawings, they evolve into costumes and life beings, before they finally became deathless in a cine film. While the material, the shapes and the quotations are recognizable, the rather unconventional combination creates a unique momentum. However the FIESE MIENEN gang is hiking through solid parallel worlds, main actress Virginia lives in a tumbling world near Austin, Texas – hungry for change... Stay tuned for a fingerlickin' charming action movie with a whole bunch of classy dressed bad boys. Her knitting and sewing work, resulting in fantastic and almost playful sculptures and objects, radically defies the thoughts of usability and conceptionalism. It is the outcome of her intuition only and is easily perceived and understood by the viewer as such - evoking imagery from our childhood and the aesthetics of comic heroes and pop culture. amazement at the mesmerizing elaborateness and devotion with which Nina Braun creates her works. Her art is accessible and abstract at the same time.